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Hello Ladies and Gents,

The name is Steve and I'm currently living in the Maple Bay area of Vancouver Island. Been creeping the site for awhile and decided that I'd like to get back into something like this. I played on my college paintball team years ago and had a blast but looking at what paintball has become these days it really doesn't appeal to me as much (barring once in awhile with a group of friends or something but not to spend the $$$ to 'get back into it').

I've already contacted a local Age Verifier and set up a meeting after I get back from working overseas in December. I also feel flattered at getting 'carded' at 37 but I understand why the community does this and I like that, just hope i'm not 'too old'. Anyway Refplusten is my forum handle and I'm also on advrider for those who like a little dual sporting in their life. I have a 1200GSA so nothing too extreme Cheers, everyone. Looking forward to meeting the community!

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