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Originally Posted by mike_sinyard View Post
Just wondering about the sling. Not sure why its highlighted in red... Is a sling really neccessary? I know almost everyone uses one so im curious. As far as tactics goes i can see a slinged rifle only getting in the way. A rifle not slinged sounds like a better option. Wen clinbing into window i can put my gun down. While venturing in my pack. Gun down. While crawling gun up in my hand away from my body. It just seems better to be able to move that rifle wherever i want quickly. The only thing i can think of is just unclipping the rifle from the sling must be easy and quick so im assuming its no big deal and thats why they use a sling. Let me know why a sling is important
My favourite part of a sling (in CQB) is switching to my side arm. =D
In skirmishes, sometimes I'll run a shotgun and pistol, just so I can keep dropping my shotgun to grab my pistol.
It's kind of awkward to gingerly set your gun on the ground so you can draw your side arm.

It's also caught my gun from dropping on more than one occasion. If you trip and fling your hands out to stop yourself, your gun will either go flying if you don't have a sling, or it'll just go crashing down with you (and hopefully you'll be able to slow your fall)

But yeah, aside from holding your gun when you get tired, it's a lot of fun to switch to your sidearm.
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