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Originally Posted by lurkingknight View Post
depending on your choice of gun, it could be 6-20 pounds of stuff to carry around all day. A sling is great because it takes the load off your arms when you are a non combatant walking to respawn. It's also very clear you are dead since you don't have a gun in your hands.

I find it a great help since I can be hands free while I'm moving out of an engagement zone. It's so much nicer when I can manipulate kill sticks/kill flag, find a snack, grab a drink do a gear check to make sure I haven't dropped anything. It takes a lot off your arms. It doesn't seem like it in a short game, but in longer games, it really starts to help. Also gives you an opportunity to stretch your hands and fingers, holding a gun for a long time can cramp them up, or at least make them a bit stiff.
Awesome answer. Thank you. You have me convinced. You made me think back to the day when my sgt took our slings away for some reason and trying to get your plate filled with food and a drink with ur rifle in hand was impossible...
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