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Masadas, 416s, etc are a royal pain in the ass for you if you want to improve/maintain and generally grow with your gun over time and have no love for searching for parts/etc. Proprietary gearboxes, hopups, and especially nozzles are by far the quickest way to kill your interest in airsoft. People who are in love with alternative guns are going to try to convince you otherwise, but it's true: You're far less likely to work or be able to work on a gun that has rare or tricky parts.
queue record coming to abrupt stop noise.

416s are a straight v2, at least the vfc one is, and I'm sure the jg and dboys ones are as well. I know a bunch of techs that will buy new g&ps or vfcs and gut the gearbox and put new motors in right away, so it's not unheard of. Not sure on the 417.

Also the difference between a 416 and 417 is not just a barrel swap.. it's a whole other gun that in realsteel fires a completely different round and has a completely different lower receiver.

Personally I would just shoot it till it breaks, then upgrade it all in 1 shot.

I personally like v3s for the ease of getting into to do work on, that would mean AKs, G36s and a few other models scattered around.

The easiest gearbox to work on is the v6 in the p90 but there's only 1 or 2 guns out there that use the v6. The hardest would be TM v7 in the m14. V2s are only hard to work on by virtue of having to remove a lot of furiniture on the receivers to get to the gearbox, whereas v3 is usually a couple pins and 2 screws.
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