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Originally Posted by kullwarrior View Post
I shall be called Grumpy Grumpy for the next lil while...

There's nothing left to salvage, even the rubber band got tore up.

Found this in middle of a road in my community as I drive home today. Not sure what happened.
Canada Post CS was 5% useful.
Can I file a complaint against the person who deliver it? NO
Was it the mail man or the truck driver who was suppose to deliver it? Can't tell you
Can I file a complaint? NO
What can I do? tell the sender to file a complaint
But this damage is clearly result of Canadian side (with the stuff inside soak with snow)! Doesn't matter.

Oh for your info, I tried to snap the broken pieces, they're quite strong. There's no way you can break these by smashing with any kind of throw.
Mind if I translate it and repost this to a Chinese forum? I want to let my friends know that China post is not the worst in the world... I will state the original author (you) and link to this original post.

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