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Originally Posted by lurkingknight View Post
well you can get AEGs that make you giggle...

Anything with super fast trigger response and spin up plus 30+ rounds a second tends to make someone giggle... and opfor run like hell.
Paintball would probably suit you better there....What the point of playing 30rps+? the fastest assault rifle is AN-94 clocking at 30rps for the first two rounds in burst/ auto mode -then it drops to 11rps.

Harsh winter game (-20 or below): Polar Star or Daytonagun system w/ HPA
Mild winter game (-10 to 10) AEG
Playing with Hi-Cappers and ridiculous ROF: AEG
CQB game: GBBR
Realism: GBBR
Milsim: AEG/GBBR

I think the first generation of GBBR gave people too much bad impression ie:
-Super pricy (you have to dump 1-2k just in the gun itself for internal)
-Super pricy magazine ($50-100 per magazine)
-Super unreliable (you are expecting a part to break in a game)
-Gas inefficienct (you can't empty the gun's magazine with 1 gas load without suffering cool down)

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