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Let me add.. that is also depends on where and how you play..

I am typically operating in a Close quarters Battle situation.. where .. accuracy at range is not much of a factor.. but trigger response is critical.. as the fraction of a second delay in an AEG ( typical) can be the difference between shooting and being shot.

even in the field .. I am more often than not only required to deploy my weapon for self defense as I am often operating in a command role. I tend to run compact carbines, or PDWs .. Short sharp engagements at close range is where I tend to end up fighting. For this.. the GBBR expresses no liabilities and all of the advantages.

I keep a couple AEGs in my rack as well generally for cold weather use and for those rare situations where I may need sustained fire capabilities.

If I could only afford to keep one gun around.. I admit it would probably be an AEG.
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