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Poncho-The Thompson is V2 mechbox so it sounds like there is some weather that could spoil it. It drops to -20 and -30 regularly in the winter here. The rain up here is great for air quality and the fires that have loomed around PG the past couple of years. I would gladly share it with you though. :lol:

Erik James-PG is actually higher than Red Deer, but really who cares cause I'm positive you guys get colder weather.

BCK I'm not sure that you read where I live. We HAVE bear issues. There are sightings all the time and we all carry whistles so we can signal a sighting/end of a game. You always put someone on your squad who runs slower though so you can get away...sick but true. Thought about carrying bear spray but it might/would most definatly get used on eachother during games. That would add a crazy element.

Is there any kind of warning for mechboxes and tempurature so I don't have to ask the same question in six months? What mechbox hates what temp?
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