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Originally Posted by ILLusion View Post
I do not agree with this statement. The Tokyo Marui "Real Shock" series gives a considerably felt recoil experience that matches GBBR's using light weight bolts. It's definitely harder kicking than a KSC MP7. The impact is also not applied to the gearbox, so concerns of durability are moot. Whine is also not an issue, in my experience with this series of guns.

The G&G EBB series, on the other hand... experience everything you're talking about. There is a significant difference between the two systems.

Given, neither will match the experience of a GBBR rocking CO2 and pushing a heavy weight steel bolt.
This is completely true, I did not think to include the Tokyo Marui real shock series, I have used them and they do have a considerable amount of kick.

They are also rare as hens teeth. I think I've seen 2 in person in 5 years.

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