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Originally Posted by ShelledPants View Post
AEG with EBB gives no perceived recoil. The ebb is often just a piece of sheet metal that makes the bolt look like it's moving... It often stresses the gearbox unnecessarily. *And also makes the AEG whine more, in my opinion.
I do not agree with this statement. The Tokyo Marui "Real Shock" series gives a considerably felt recoil experience that matches some gas blowback setups. It's definitely harder kicking than a KSC MP7. The impact is also not applied to the gearbox, so concerns of durability are moot. Whine is also not an issue, in my experience with this series of guns. However, given the very high prices of these systems landed in Canada, they are rare to find, but are a bit of a treat to use. They are a good compromise between the operational realism of GBBR (which PTW's severely lack), and the performance characteristics of an AEG.

The G&G EBB series (not TopTech), on the other hand... experience all the concerns you're talking about. There is a significant difference between the two systems.

Given, neither will match the experience of a GBBR rocking CO2 and pushing a heavy weight steel bolt.

Unfortunately, there is no PERFECT system out there. You just need to understand and accept the limitations of the system you choose, and how to take care of it to keep it fully operational.

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