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I don't know if this will turn into a lecturing thread, or an "lol" thread.

Edit: in the spirit of not being a dick, yes, $400 is quite a lot of money for a toy gun. Most people just go for the cheaper guns, like the KJWs (I have several, along with my TM), but you buy TM for the quality that clones often lack. Plus it's cool to say you have something made in Japan. *shrugs*

Just as a heads up, if you intend to purchase a gun from overseas that is manufactured at an illegal import limit, and then ask them to upgrade it and attach a note to say it's upgraded, it's unlikely to get across the border without seizure. Border agents go by the manufactured specs, found in documentation from the manufacturer. The only way they can know if it's an upgraded gun, and not just an illegal gun with a note attached to it, is to chrono it. That falls to the responsibility of the RCMP and their 2+ year waiting line.

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