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Once you secure a ride, it's also good to establish some etiquette like bringing spare clothes and boots/shoes to change into post game. Personally, I dislike anyone who jumps into my vehicle wearing the same dirty clothes and boots they just played in. It's not your car, keep it clean or walk. Also, personal preference, I don't like rolling with people dressed in full camo. Though camo pants with civi tops or jacket is fine.

Being ready for your ride before they show up is essential. For people I know, they get a courtesy call from me when I leave my place or 5-10 minutes out and a call when I get there, or they get a call in front of their house and I plan to sit for 5-10 minutes while drinking my coffee. After that, they get a call telling them I'm leaving. For people I don't know, I give them the exact same, and will leave if they aren't ready. You wouldn't believe how many times I've gone to pick someone up and they are still sleeping or haven't finished packing their gear. I've even had some where they weren't even home. Remember, for early morning games, drivers have to wake up earlier than you plus have to stay awake to get you home then get themselves home. Respect their times by being on time.

If you smoke, and the driver doesn't, expect to not smoke in their car and expect them not to stop for a smoke break. I know some people who can't go 20 minutes without a smoke and have driven them on 3-5 hour drives straight. Brutal for them. Fun for me to watch them jonesing! (I'm not that mean but will go long enough to torture them a bit) E-cigs are an option here.

Packing some jerky or other kinds of snacks to share are always welcome.

I am waiting for the day when I go to pick someone up, to have them waiting with a Starbucks Grande Americano in their hand.
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