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Can you explain the dry lube method please? I havent heard that before.
White Lithium grease mixed with fine graphite powder applied to metal on metal contact points. Work the action for a while and then remove all of the excess.

I did it to my pistols for about half an hour each.

The way Brian had explained it, the white lithium is just used as a carrier for the fine graphite to work it's way into all of the pits in the metal without being too messy. Benefit is that there is no residual "wet" lube to pick up any dust, dirt or grime, pretty much eliminating the need to further lubricate metal on metal contact points.

The white lithium can be obtained at a Home Hardware in a tub as opposed to a spray and the fine graphite should be obtainable at any hardware store near the lock/key making section. YMMV
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