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Is it common for people to carpool to events?

I am new to the sport and want to attend some field games. Although I'm 20 years old, my school costs make owning a car prohibitively expensive. As such, I am left without a means with which to reach the aforementioned fields. Hence my question. If people do in fact carpool, how does one arrange to partake?
I live in North York, Toronto.

EDIT : I've decided to begin updating this post with suggestions from the ones below. This will make it easier for everyone to refer to an easy list of what to do when it comes to being a great shotgunner ( off the field ).

1. If you want a ride to an event but don't know anyone headed there then simply make a post in the event's thread. You should list your location, what you can contribute and perhaps some information about yourself ( this one isn't as important ).

2. Make sure to bring a change of clothes and shoes if you're going to get dirty as well as bag to keep them in, or at the very least a towel or something to keep your driver's car clean.

3. This is a useful general rule in life : Be ready half an hour early. If you're going to be picked up at 7 then act as if your driver arrives at 6:30 and leaves at 6:31.

4. Being ready means having your batteries charged and your guns packed and ready to go.

5. If you're bringing snacks bring enough for everyone and a bag for your trash whether or not you expect there to be any. This person is already helping you out, they don't want to be your mother.

6. Offer to compensate for gas money whether or not they accept it. If they decline don't just leave it at that, offer a coffee or something. Remember, a small gesture of kindness can be a huge gesture to someone else. Likewise, a lack of it could be interpreted harshly by others. It doesn't matter whether you offer to pay for gas or buy them a doughnut, a contribution is better than nothing.

Thank you for the corrections coach

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