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King Arms M4 - Selector switch problem

Hello all,

First off I've been AV'ed (1 week ago) and I tried posting this in the Gun Doctor > AEG Solutions section but it seems I don't have access for some odd reason...

So I bought the KA M4 a couple weeks ago. Haven't fired anything from it yet but wanted to upgrade a couple things.

I took apart the rifle and changed out the spring, which was fine, and also re-wired it to the rear to allow my new crane stock. The problem is however that when I was reassembling the rifle back together, when I get the gearbox into the lower and move the selector switch from safe to semi and to auto it seems to be quite hard to switch.

I've taken it apart multiple times to try and assess a different problem inside the gearbox and also read other reviews online, but it still seems to be sometimes normal to go from safe to semi and always really tough to go from semi to full.

Looking at the functionality of it, it looks as if its having a tough time switching because when moving the red selector plate (attached to the gearbox) into auto it seems to catch on the shim backing (sorry don't know the name of this piece).

Anyone have any ideas how to fix this? It would be much appreciated.
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