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I've tried the whole Paintball goggle thing, but even with a Spectra Thermal (Just the goggles themselves, with ear an' mout guards removed) I've had severe problems with fogging. Tried the fans, tried the anti-fog spray...didn't work. I stopped usin' them because I felt the risk of not seein' where I was goin' outweighed what protection they offered the fields around here are rather rocky with sharp drops which can only end in severe injuries.

That bein' said, I have found that AOS Safety Glasses (The Anti-fog ones) from Canadian Tire (Oh I work for them, discounts ) are the best, an' I have never fogged once since purchasing them a year ago. The main downfall has been mentioned, the whole stray BB, an' it has happend to me before. I dropped to my back to avoid a burst from infront of me, but one of the BBs caught the edge of the glasses an' bounced just below my eye. There were no injuries..but it goes to show the main drawback of those...

I s'pose the only comprimise I have seen/used/heard about are the Bolle Tactical goggles, they seem to be the best of both worlds, but still fog up from time to time. Nothin' is perfect, but I feel they would be a bit better then Safety Glasses an' Paintball Goggles in terms of eye safety.
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