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Originally Posted by JerryMcGoulBerry View Post
I'm sorry you feel this way. If it makes it any better, i do work a part time job and i pay for this hobby 100%
And basically i get my parents to order it, i give them the cash, and they sign it at the door.
I'm also responsible with my guns. I would NEVER take them out in public, or do anything with them except use them at airsoft fields. I'm trying to represent my age groups so we don't get looked on so poorly, and I can see why you guys do.
I for one commend you for atleast speaking like an adult and defending yourself with an intelligent answer unlike most 14 year old s#*t rats I see out there. Don't feel bad if you are 14 they'll stop picking on your age in 4 years or so. On the subject of retailers selling to minors, if they know its a kid with no supervsion then they are completely irresponsible. However its not gonna make much difference, I was in Toronto Airsoft and watched a Kid maybe 12 trying to return a broken cansoft m16 to put the money/credit towards a pistol. His mother was standing behind him nodding to the retailer telling him the kid can have whatever he wants. She only looked up from her cell phone long enough to ask what the price difference was. The retailer was trying to steer the kid hard from a pistol explaining the amount of maintenance it requires but the kid was stuck on it and mommy wanted to keep little "Jimmy" happy. Due diligence from the retailer can be completely disregarded and circumvented without a credit card just as easy by the quote unquote adult supervision.

All that said. I prefer playing against 18+ players. Atleast when they do dumb shit I can pimp slap em. "What the 5 fingers say to the face? SLAP!"
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