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Originally Posted by ljohns35 View Post
Well money I have I would just rather not have to send it in if it's something I can fix or someone I know who knows their way around a gearbox can fix for free :P I kind of have a feeling it could be the gears. It fired about 3-4 rounds and then jammed on me
It may be a pain at first, but taking down your gun and your specific version mechbox is something everyone should know. Best bet would be to find a buddy who knows his sh*t and get him to pass his knowledge on to you. Last thing you want to be doing is paying someone else to fix your gear everytime it has a fault.

Hope you figure out your issue! Like others have said something is most likely jamming up the gears. As long as you didnt mess with the motor pinion screw on the bottom of the grip its gotta be something in the box. Watch some youtube vids on how to open up your gun and box there will be dozens on the subject! Good luck!
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