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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
Best .. Low profile themal ballistic goggles, and mesh face protection.
Ill have to agree there, I picked up a pair of Bitter End mesh goggles last year after some frustration with fog. after taking a shot in the lens with these I would NOT recommend them to anyone else, not so much as a dent in the lens but chips of paint/coating blew off onto my eyes and haven't worn them since. they are hard enough that a BB could shatter as well.
I suspect types of woven mesh might be better for this (people I know with that type haven't had the same issues) as they should bounce/deflect the BB more but having and uneven surface an no sharp edges (like the "honeycomb" style)

I still run a mesh lower face shield (woven type) and have had no issues with it, and can pull it off to have a smoke.
ESS goggles (etc) with a fan kit and a touch of "no fog" applied properly you should be good to go, I've had sweat pouring down my face/pooling at the bottom of the goggles with only a slight fog at the upper rim of the lens
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