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I too wish we could move to ban mesh goggles from Canada. There is no consistent performance standard, not testing methodology. From having to compile rules for our little bit of Canada I found out how amazingly difficult it is to describe safety protection.

There are so many cheap chinese knockoffs that look so amazingly real, you can't tell what the mesh actually is, what the paint is. You can have it that there is stress over time and you never know, your protection might work for one season and then be compromised over time.

However, there are some good mesh products out there, I use mesh lower face protection, and after getting shot in the year this season, I'm looking at full face protection.

I purchased Smith Optics Boogie Regulators which, for my face, work really, really well, and can easily fit under full face mesh-masks.

After having to re-write the rules, the local board staff, executive, community planning people, and most of the game organizers have all moved to ballistic lens only, not even Z87.1+ 2010 high energy standard. Why would you ever even considering going lower?
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