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Originally Posted by ▼Stripes▲ View Post
You should focus on learning to use your rifle ( Generously assuming you have one) effectively, If you just want a pistol "Cuz its liek soooo kewl" you probably shouldn't be getting one. You should start your focus on becoming a better ( or perhaps even an actual) player.
You should be proficient in both. Especially if you're playing CQB. If you're going to have a backup weapon system - and you should - you should be putting just as much focus on being effective with it as well.[/magpul dynamics]

If you can buy a GBB, I would definitely do it. It's a lot more fun, I'll tell you that much. If you elaborate on why you think the NBB sucks, people can more effectively give you information to help you make a choice. If you said "a NBB sucks because it doesn't let me curve the bullet like Angelina Jolie", then we'll tell you to sick with the NBB, as a GBB won't let you either.
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