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Hey guys thanks for all the help!

i already own the Cybergun Sig551 i got it for quite a good price off of a friend of mine. originally it was just really for the scope it was cheeper to buy it off my friend then to just buy the scope he was selling with it, then when i got it and gave it a few goes i fell inlove, and this let to the current project.

Im sure this is not going to be the best airsoft gun i ever own but it is a project i am passionet about. yes it is not the most efficient im sure guy buying a much better gun would be more logical but i do airsoft to get away from the computer and not think about work, so i see this as a brilliant way to waste time and get creative if that has any logic to it.

so next major question any idea on how to find the original manufacture of the gun? i have been having a hell of a time doing so.
here is the gun for any interested i still cannot find the make.

i cannot find any real detailed info on the gun...
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