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Originally Posted by Trev140_0 View Post
Funny, I can still remember shitting my pants the very first day I got an airsoft gun.

Didn't have a gun bag so I put it in a lawn chair bag from Canadian tire; if I had to take if from my car to house/store etc.

So simple and yet so important. I guess it really is going to go the way it goes and the private scene will prevale in the end.
Yes, I also felt somewhat paranoid with the purchase of my first airsoft gun. A proper gun bag was my second purchase that was airsoft related. I dare say that i would be in the minority, when it comes to that protective purchase priority.

The commonality is that you and i, relatively speaking, are old and have a keener sense of public awareness and perception than average when it comes to anything that resembles a weapon.. replica or real steel. The younger set generally doesn't think these things through as much. Unfortunately, over-regulation results, and the School of Hard Knocks has to fill in, where common sense is absent.

Unfortunately, i think it's going to be a case of sitting back, and watching the resultant fall-out, and hoping that it doesn't filter down from the retailer level, to events being hosted by responsible organizers at appropriate locations.

The positive side, is this raises awareness here, and those who have money and time invested in this as a hobby or business, have a vested interest in things not being screwed up, in situations that they can control. Retailers may well have to go online sales only, if their municipality is affected.. or move to a friendlier business environment.

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