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Originally Posted by Trev140_0 View Post
This sounds odd, but is there a way to get to the cops to ask them how we can help? They are obviously aware of ASC so perhaps there is a way of getting to them to ask what we can do?

When I opened our field, I called the cops twice and they were happy to hear we were proactive and updated the dispatch accordingly.

I am reaching here so the guys who want to take pot shots at an idea can piss off.
I would love to say that there is a way to help - but i'm pessimistic by nature, and i don't see a way - ASC isn't a governing body, and we can't even police our own membership effectively as far as under-age access goes (paid banner adverts viewable by all) or mature and appropriate display and handling of airsoft weapons go (Barrie Zombie walk a few years ago, people attending events with 'open-carry' of weapons, regardless of proximity of the general public come to mind). ASC is also not the be-all and end-all of the airsoft community, with facebook groups, game organizers hosting games with profit, rather than integrity in mind, and backyard 'airsoft wars' so prevalent amongst the under-aged and ignorant.

It's obvious that the police don't have the resources to deal with this, in terms of public education AND enforcement - in this case, they have gone to the Markham bylaw enforcement to enact a blanket ban instead to nip the problem at it's root source, the retailer.

We could be seeing the results of the rapid expansion of airsoft in a particular municipality, and the resultant implosion that occurs when something potentially hazardous to the public health gets too big, too fast.

Those that can keep it discrete and appropriate, will continue ordering the weapons online (if necessary) and playing at appropriate spots with minimal worry of a legal back-lash. Those that get nailed with the bylaw enforcement/increased police oversight, will be spending their money on fines and legal representation instead of buying more guns. Not necessarily a bad thing, when common sense has failed, with individuals guilty of bad judgement - youth or adult.

As far as retailers in potentially affected areas go, i'm afraid that it is the interests of the few, against the will of the many.

My opinion, take it as you will.

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