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Question Sig 551 blowback AEG

Hey, im new here hope i dont make a idiot out of myself on my first post!

here is my issue, or project... ya more of a project.

So i love Sig's they are beautiful in my eyes. now i have another issue i CANNOT STAND the sound of most AEG's and at the same time GBB i dont feel is the most effective option for enjoying the hobby.

So i found the Cybergun Sig551 full metal blowback.
the gun sounds beautiful i love it, looks quite good and is full metal.

but it is still Cybergun:x: i dont like the sound of the ICS sig and most other ones, i love my Cybergun but i want to upgrade it to turn it into a good quality gun. because it sure as hell does not start out as one. i realize this is a bizarre project effectively buying one of the worst guns possible and wanting to upgrade it into a good quality AEG.

If anyone can help with advice or ideas i would be eternally great full.

Below are a list of the first major things that need to be delt with IMO.

1, Magazine *i swear this thing will fall apart after 1k rounds.
2, barrel *not specifically horrible but it is still Cybergun what can i say.
3, moter
4, stock and body *it is nice, and full metal but i don't like the folding stock of the sig so if i could find a way to use a different stock it would rock, also the body cover is not bad, it is metal, but it is not as nice as some other sigs.

please for everyone who is going to just say "your a dumb ass dump the toy and get a gun" please keep in mind there is a reason why i like the cybergun sig, the blow back and sound i really like alot and i could not find it anywhere els.

p.s. i don't expect this to be a cheep project.
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