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Originally Posted by Jimski View Post
just stock up on guns while they're affordable and then, back to being low profile.

is that gang thing a real argument or is this all about stupid assholes being dangerous?
how do gangs function in Canada? I thought it was a bunch of Russians,Greeks and bikers who really only swear by real steel arms ?
often half ofthe guns shown in police "weapon captures" are not real guns.. so yes.. airsoft guns do fill a sizable niche in criminal culture.

If in most cases all you do is "show" your gun to get the desired result an airsoft gun will serve.. and obviously if you are busted with one on you.. firearm charges are not likley.. The crow is not likley to pursue weapons charges in the case of a "toy gun"

This issue is real.. and a problem... and compounded by stupid abuse of the use of airsoft guns by unthinking minors and teens
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