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Originally Posted by Trev140_0 View Post
We can debate this all day long but the core of this comes from this:

Cut off the supply.

That would be unfortunate for such a great sport hobby/passtime.
I agree with you 100% it is rather reactionary..

but this is kinda my point about the airsoft community being a vicitm of it's own success.. as popularity grows .. incidents like this will increase.

Far more incidents happen with paintball... walk through almost any wooded area or wooded public park and you will find evidence of illicit paintball games.

kids shoot passing cars with paintballs pretty much daily somewhere in the GTA.. most are not reported to police.

It's the realism of the airsoft guns that are problematic.. coupled with the gunshy nature of the public today.

City bylaws are not likley to be very effective in curbing the growth of this activity.. but it certaily could put a crimp in the proliferation of storefront sales, at least in Markham.

The story above should be posted in every thread where an underage person mentions how "mature" he is, and how he should be able to buy airsoft guns.
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