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We can debate this all day long but the core of this comes from this:

In recent weeks, a Markham woman was shot in the face during a stroll through a local park with her child and a 15-year-old Newmarket boy was detained by police after being seen casually strolling down the street with an AR-15 assault riffle, which turned out to be a replica.
Gun-related calls often attract a large police presence due to the innate volatility of such reports.
Since the beginning of 2011, York Regional Police has seized 114 replica guns.

"The problem is heightened by residents' concern about firearms and the increased appearance of the airsoft weapons in public areas. Earlier this month, a Woodbridge man was arrested and charged after police allege he pointed a silver air gun at a fellow driver in retaliation for the being on the receiving end of a middle-finger while on Hwy. 401"


Days earlier, police arrested six youths after receiving a call about a gun being loaded in a moving car in Aurora.
One airsoft enthusiast and small business owner said the industry is very stringent when it comes to rule breakers.
"It's booming right now and competes head-to-head with paintball," said Emilio Cariati, manager of Mach 1 Airsoft. "We have strict rules (and) players can get blacklisted and will have a tough time finding a place to play if they don't take a responsible approach.
"You just hope they don't fall into the wrong hands. There are always going to be idiots capable of doing wrong in any sport."

Cut off the supply.

That would be unfortunate for such a great sport hobby/passtime.

"....Your life is ending one minute at a time..."

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