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Originally Posted by Scrivah View Post

Also depending on where you are going to play some indoor fields want you to buy their field bb's. People are saying buy 8-10 really don't need that much to start out with. 3 or 4 120rounders should start you off just fine. Buy GOOD ones right from the start.
I've switched my M4 to midcaps this past spring - 5x120 rounds at present. I got tired of the tactical maracas, and noobie time was over. I'm in the process of switching fully over to midcaps on my M14 and still have yet to deal with my Mp5 .. but that's a loaner gun i've yet to personally field in a year.

I must confess though - I haven't entirely abandoned hi-caps. I still fill one up for the M4 and put it in my pouch. An emergency back-up, if you will. Stuffed full, it doesn't rattle, if it isn't used. I've gone to it twice in the past year of skirmishes.

Saves me from having to go back to the staging area, mid game.
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