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Originally Posted by mmmken View Post
You are wrong.

As quoted above. Any other replica firearms are Prohibited Devices - and are illegal to possess, acquire, and transfer. If you own a replica firearm that was released after 1998, it would then be physically impossible to obtain before 1998 - and thus, illegal.
sorry.. you are wrong Possession has no date of acquisition limit

The criminal code states possession of replicas ( regardless of when how or where you got them) is not an offense

and here we go again.... Only a court of law can define a replica, it's done on a case by case basis in light of prosecution for a offense.

And a 2010 BC lower court ruling significantly raised the bar on what can be considered a replica.

Before you spout absolutes.. you should at least be up on current jurisprudence.

RCMP "fact sheets" do not represent the law.. the law represents the law and the RCMP fact sheets are woefully out of date and simplistic.
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