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Originally Posted by Metalsynth View Post
Right now, this looks to me more of a tool to swat a bothersome fly for the local PD.

Until I hear about players getting fines at a game, I'd stay calm about it.

The ones who really need to look into this right now are the local retailers. I dont see what prevents them to go see their local town representative are have their case heard.

If you pay taxes, you have a right to state your case.
Why would you get a fine at a local game. The bylaw is restricting the manufacture, sale and marketing of replicas in retail situation.... Not the use or ownership. This seems to be a kinda pointless approch by the police as most airsoft stuff they are complaining about is probably purchased online. The bylaws we deal with around where I live hamper us a bit more as they prohibit discharge of any projectile, but I dont believe that bylaws can make it prohibited to own a legal firearm (ie airsoft that falls withing RCMP fps limits).
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