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Originally Posted by MaciekA View Post
Fair enough,
We just need to consider better strategies of social engineering than we have already.
The issue is.. that airsoft guns are regulated under the firearms act, and the criminal code provisions governing firearms.. these issues are linked.

you can't say something is different.. if the government has already set in law that they are not.

Lots of people talk about "legitimizing" the sport..

This activity is already legitimate it is 100% legal to participate in airsoft games, in fact the police often go out of their way to state they have no issues with legal and legitimate recognized uses for airsoft guns.. the bylaw posted above does as well.

Shooting each other with airsoft guns is already 100% legal and a recognized legitimate use for airsoft guns.

why would we want to add more regulation to an already recognized legal and legitimate pastime?

Our right to posses airsoft guns is already confirmed in the Criminal code, our ability to import , purchase and transfer most airsoft guns is 100% legal and permitted.

so if every aspect of this activity is already 100% legal and legitimate.. what exactly is more regulation for?

In the UK it is a serious criminal offense to posses a replica firearm.. in Canada it is 100% legal

City Bylaws are designed to provide an enforcement tool in the case of unfettered proliferation of an undesired event or type of behavior.

The federal government has stepped out of the way or retailers and importers.. the provinces have no jurisdiction to control airsoft guns.. because they are proscribed under the Criminal code.

Any and all control then has to fall to cities, We can't both call for age verification and control of the sale to minors and Criminals for ourselves and then raise a cry when cities also try to do the same thing.
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