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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
Everyone trots out the old " grow the sport" BS
It's not bullshit. Characterizing it as bullshit is, frankly, bullshit. Your dour counterargument is not any better than what you call bullshit. How about some constructive ideas on the topic for a change?

If we had UKARA/VCR, we could:

1) play
2) buy/import
3) protect a larger number of children from embarrassing accidents
4) legitimize the sport as a reenactment / extension-of-paintball type activity within the eyes of a larger portion of the public (more = better)
5) provide a framework that helps police
6) nip future bullshit in the bud like they have in the UK, or at least nip it more-so than we're nipping at the moment, which amounts to zero
7) provide a better framework for insurance
8) normalize age verification nationally

Honestly Brian, you have got to be at least somewhat aware of how frustrating *your* flavour of stance is on this for those of us who trot out the so-called BS.

Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
I think we do a pretty good job as a community self regulating and being conscious of bad press.
Even if this were true, and you KNOW it isn't due to all the ridiculous things that happen in this community, this is largely irrelevant to the topic at hand, because the community isn't the problem, as you mention next:

Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
The issue is with the explosive growth in airsoft owners out there.. the the coefficient of boneheads to normal prudent people is going up.. there is bound to be more incidents .. and so bound to be more regulation to react to such incidents.

We are going to be victims of our own success.. we may in fact "grow the sport" right out of existance
Brain, you can go be a victim if you want. Some of us enjoy this hobby enough to want to at least suggest other ideas and trade ideas on the matter. With all due respect, what you're advocating, which I believe boils down to essentially doing nothing, isn't working.

You always chime in on these threads... Clearly you give a hoot. You seem like a reasonable guy in person. Why not trade ideas instead of pessimism? It can't hurt.
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