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Bylaws are everywhere. Take for this one. Shoot tin Cans in your back yard with an airsoft gun and max fine is $100,000.
Same goes for little game of 6 on 6 in the woods.


1. This By-law shall be known as the “Discharge of Firearms By-law”.

“Firearm” means any barrelled weapon from which any shot, bullet, missile or other
projectile can be discharged and that is capable of causing bodily injury or death to a
person, and includes anything that can be adapted for the use as a firearm, and for the
purpose of this by-law includes a slingshot, a spring gun, air gun, paint ball gun and air
soft gun;

10. No person shall discharge, cause to be discharged or permit to be discharged a Firearm or
Bow within the limits of the City.

CONT (Exception)
16. The prohibition in section 11 does not apply to an owner or occupier of a property:

(e) where an enclosed building, or part thereof, is used for the discharge of a paint ball
gun or air soft gun that are used for paint ball gaming or air soft gaming where there is
no danger of any projectile fired or discharged from the paint ball gun or air soft gun
passing out of the building or into any other part of the building that is not used for the
lawful discharge of the paint ball gun or the air soft gun; and


19. (1) Every person who contravenes any provision of this By-law, is guilty of an offence
and is liable to a fine, and such other penalties, as provided for in the Provincial
Offences Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. P.33, and the Municipal Act, 2001, as each may be
amended from time to time.
(2) In addition to Subsection 19 (1) of this By-law, any person who is charged with an
offence under this By-law by the laying of an information under Part III of the
Provincial Offences Act, and is found guilty of the offence is liable, pursuant to the
fine provisions of the Municipal Act, 2001, to a fine of no more than $100,000.00

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