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Dustin: I know it's supposed to feel plastic-y, but I have both cansoft and metal KJWs, and the cansoft feels better than the TM's plastic out of the box. But that's beside the point; I didn't mean it to sound like I was complaining.
I don't have immediate access to a pull gauge, so I thought I'd ask how it "should" feel relative to a KJW, which I know a lot of people already own.

Vondnik: Thanks for all the references. I was looking more for information on the stock pull of the M9, but you kinda made me realize that people adjust their triggers to what is most useful for them.

Styrak: Thanks, that kind of answers my question best - a real pistol would have a heavier trigger pull than the KJW.

Drake: I'll look further into the springs for the TM, if I find I like the heavier pull better.
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