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Airsoft trigger pull weight vs RS

Hey guys,
I purchased the new TM M9A1 off another ASC member last night, and I brought it home, and I've found that the trigger pull is really light compared to my KJW M9s (I have several, and their trigger pull seems to be consistent across all of them). I've only ever fired the KJW M9s, so I don't know about the weight in other brands. I've never shot RS, and am pretty bad at judging weights when I lift something with my arm, much less pulling something with my finger.

So my question is: is the stock trigger pull weight of an M9 close to a KJW M9's pull weight, or is it plus or minus?

The TM, aside from feeling very plastic-y (I have yet to lube it up though) feels really nice, but the trigger pull weight difference vs the KJWs is really throwing me off.
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