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You kind of answered yourself a bit. There's a ton of stuff you can do to the TM Hicapa 4.3/5.1 platform to make it shoot faster/more accurately/etc...or just ruin a perfectly good gun.

However...there's tons of stuff that's not really "needed" to get better accuracy/cycling times.

They're considered to be so good that there's often a specific "standard" class set aside for non-open class 1911/2011 pistols. Then there is a "production" class for everything else. IIRC a glock would fall into production class.

Hicapa's are a lot easier to tune than glocks...but it's doable. I just bought a TM G17 and the trigger is fantastic on it. Light, crisp and a short reset. The inherent problem with it is that the inner floats inside the outer...but that's an easy fix (and greatly improves the POI and groupings).

For a quick fix I shim/layered some duct tape on the inner barrel so it would correct the shot grouping to the left and low. Now that I know that works well I'll machine a plastic barrel spacer so something a bit nicer. A stiffer recoil spring would speed up slide cycle and a tightbore would be nice. With just doing those things to a stock TM G17 I'd be happy to hit the line with it as a production gun.

It's also harder to tune the springs, trigger stroke and hammer force on a glock...usually not worth it.

But if you want something just out of the box to shoot's hard to beat the TM 5.1
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