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No amount of gear is ever enough gear. Always more gear!... always more.

Mid-Caps yes, High-Caps NO! Mids are more flexible than Low-Caps. Depending on what kind of games you play you may want as many as 6-8 Mid-Caps, time will tell.

With that many mags to juggle you'll want a dump pouch but make sure you have the mag pouches for the mags first. MOLLE is your friend.

Revision Desert Locust goggles with a mesh lower or JT Spectra flex 8 mask with thermal lens are good options. Both can be worn as goggles only or with face pro. I usually don't wear face pro outdoors. The revisions and type 1 mesh mask will give you the best vision and cheek weld.

m102 etc has it bang on, a good smart charger will pay for itself. Intellect batteries or G&P which seem to use intellect cells anyways. I'm very pleased with my Onyx charger, the 220 is a good option for Nickel batteries only, the 235 does Nickel, LiPo & LiFe. You can find them online or at your local hobby shop. Just make sure you get a charger/balancer if you're going LiPo. An extra battery rarely hurts.

I also use Bastard and Madbull bb's, my preference is to bastards but you take what you can get.

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