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IPSC Airsoft Shooting

as I'm new to this forum, I thought this is the right place to post my question (s).
I have half an year since I started training and shooting IPSC. and since I'm a fan of Glock pistols I bought 2 of them: 1 Glock 19 from KWA ( which I'm using for my regular games as a side arm) and 1 Glock 17 from TM (which I'm using for my IPSC shooting). by now, I have participated at 2 local contests. my gun is almost stock. the only things I have changed are the the sights with a AIP fiber optic sights (I can help with this instalation because it's not that easy for someone who does not know what to do) and a Guarder mag catch (which also needed some modifications to fit perfectly). also, I'm using a IPSC quick holster and magazines bought from ehobbyasia.
but I have a problem: one of my friends borrowed his TM Hi-Capa 5.1 to shoot. and it seems to me that shoots more accurate than my Glock 17. and it is stock as mine. and almost all guys have TM Hi capa 4.3 or 5.1. my first intention was to upgrade ny Glock to a race gun but now I have doubts.
so, my question is: which platform do you consider it's best to be improved in order to shoot IPSC? and which parts are really necessary to be changed in order to have a more faster and accurate gun?
one mention: I can't use an open race gun at my contests.

P.S.-I forgot to apologize for my english, so I had to edit my post.
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