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Originally Posted by danceswithpellets View Post
What kind/size of BBs- does it matter? I was just gonna buy a jug along with my order
Indoor .20 recommended because they don't carry as much energy over distance (they bleed power/energy over distance) and it's moreso for safety than anything because accuracy isn't as much of a bid deal if you're shooting at 60 feet at most.

Outdoor your choice of .25 of .28. Personally I run .28 but they can be a bit slow for people (however give you extra punching power for going through thicker brush and give you a generally longer effective range on your gun (but decreases max range)). Most people will use .25 outdoors though.

One more thing I do typically treat my midcaps like low caps (~68 rounds) but I do sometimes load them up to the full 120 rounds. It really depends what I'm playing and the situation. I really like them because they're versatile.
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