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Last I heard was that Stealth was looking into getting batteries and chargers. He's a good guy and definitely knows his stuff.

Otherwise Hobby King has RC chargers and RC/Airsoft Lipo's. I got the Turnigy Accucel-6 but other popular chargers include the iMAX B6 and GT-Power A-6-10 or whatever that is. Then there's the Hobby King "Eco6". They're all more or less the same thing.

Also, yes midcaps are recommended (used to do the realcap thing but I find mids more versatile since if needed I can just load them up with 30 rounds anyways, and I like to load them up with a few more rounds (50 BB's) if I'm going for realism since it gives me more BB's to punch through thick brush and extra BB's for the last 4 that don't feed fully into the hop up chamber). I exclusively run midcaps. I've never owned a hi-cap in my life.
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