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Originally Posted by firemachine69
Personally, if a robber decides to use a "realistic weapon", or even a kid uses one to be a "wigga thug", then he deserves to be shot anyways. It's pretty fucking disgusting how much our justice system (and the Fiberals who back it up) tries to pillow criminals. They're not fucking stupid, they know EXACTLY what they're doing.
I had a friend in highschool do exatly that.
He robbed 3 convenience stores at gun point with w Crossman 357 revolver. Apparently they were real enough to freak out the cashiers and he got the money.
4 days later the local ERT picked him up with rifles drawn.

So when he was arressted he had done 3 armed robberies.
But the courts had broken it down to 3 counts of Robbery and 3 counts of using a firearm to commit an indictable offence.
So, 3 crimes, but 6 charges.
He ended up doing just over 2 years in a juvvi facility They taught him a trade, finished high school inside and hasnt been a problem for the police or anyone since.
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