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Originally Posted by Dart View Post
yah, they only cover the front door and the garage. So he prob went out the back door. took a look at it. They only go back a week as well at 4x FF... But didn't see anyone leaving with my stuff.
hrm...well if you didnt see anyone leaving with it i would possibly suspect its still there, like in the building. These storage lockers, are they just fenced and you can see through them?

I'd be wanting to peak into those other storage lockers and see whats up. If you can get over the top of them with a ladder I might suspect that the person that stole your shit also has a storage locker and might have a ladder in it. would make for a pretty easy scoop and stow.
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Originally Posted by Felonies View Post
Do you really think all 322 spots will sell out in a single day
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