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Highly doubt any bear's in it. :lol: Deer/racoon's & other typical smaller sized forest animals, Probaly, But never really see them. The high traffic of paintballers @ panther keep's them away I guess.

Pic's of Panther

These one's here are hosted on Dman's website:

Some other's are here, belong to Damageinc.
If you can view these one's, they start at the 3rd post down:

Pretty decent sized field. Also has a "city" scenario area & a "dunes" area. Along with another area kinda out of sight, the lower spawn point/base/whatever you want to call it, east of the dunes beside the stream.

Haven't looked for pictures of the North Van field yet but will try & post them if I see any. Enjoy. Wicked pictures guy's.
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