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Originally Posted by ILLusion View Post
If this is the M700 AICS, I did not take this from you a few months ago, because I was starting to get in to my move, and I didn't want to take on any more large guns - mainly due to the potential for damage during the move.

Now that I'm starting to settle down here, I can take this on. After a year, I finally got a source to replace the broken sear - and this was already mentioned to the owner.

Get the go ahead from him to put the gun in my hands, and I'll fix it for him in to fully working condition again, if he still wants to keep this gun... despite all the bad experience he's had with it. From my last comms with him, he did want to get this fixed up so that it was fully working, so that he could sell it. Unfortunately, his experience with it is fully soured.
Yep, that's the one.

No worries. You have not a shred of fault here. It never even got to the point where I needed to ask if you were available or not, lol. I'll try giving him an ultimatum of 60 days to figure out something. I've already held it for a year, another two months is nothing.
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