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Originally Posted by Styrak View Post
If it's been that long, and he isn't willing to pay to reimburse the cost you spent on the gun to repair it (that it sounds like he agreed to) or to pay for shipping it back, then sell it and recoup your costs.

I've done it before for someone who didn't pick up their gun for 6+ months (and pay for the repair as well). I gave them a deadline of 1 or 2 months in the future, and informed them if they didn't pick it up, I would do with it as I chose. They never picked it up. I sold it.

The gun was never repaired since he never was able to give me an update of what he wanted to do with it. The problem isn't that he isn't willing to pay (it never got to that point), but it's that he hasn't been able to decide what he wants done with it, and now more recently, he has been non-responsive to my messages.

There hasn't been any monetary costs to me (yet), aside from the money I spent on diagnosis (but that was because I wanted to find out, and not him).

If there were any (reasonable) costs associated, it would be a clear cut decision - but in this case, there isn't. Would it be enough to give notice and demand that the gun needs to be picked or shipped out within a certain time - and if no response is received within x days/weeks, I may throw it out or something?
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