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Rifle left with me for over a year in storage?


I have a question involving a situation that I'm not sure what options I have.

Basically, I made a trade sometime last year and things didn't go as planned. The rifle I received was broken on arrival and was diagnosed with a ton of problems by a local gun doctor. I spoke with the member that I traded with and we decided to trade back. Since his rifle was broken, I agreed to hold it and help assist with getting it fixed by the gun doctor (local to me) that diagnosed it. It was also understood that he would be responsible for all repair fees and shipping costs (for both guns to be returned). There was never a time limit specified on how long I would hold it for, as I did not anticipate more than a few months at most.

I believe he had some money issues at the time, so we agreed to hold off until that situation got better. Regardless, I would message him from time to time asking for updates. He would never be the one who updated me on his initiative.

A month ago I sent him another update query but it went unreplied. I noticed he did login a day after sending the message, so I'm sure he saw the message. I messaged him again last week and again there was no response. He logged in recently (after my message) as well.

The gun is of no monetary value since it's probably beyond repair, so that might be why it's so hard to get the gun out of my house.. but until he specifies otherwise, I can't throw it out or do anything with it since the gun still belongs to him. I'm lost here.. help me out.

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