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Originally Posted by Cpt- Lovegrove View Post
i had an idea about making a potato gun desing to launch them, i will probly pick up the last of the parts i need on sunday, i will let you know what the rang is, and if i think it would be safe for use against a human target
You need this...

I built a nerf "one man mortar" using the nerf-vortex football. Powered by propane and ignited by an electronic pulse igniter (modern BBQ style).

The range of an arced shot was about 150yds. Would be fine to use as a mortar, but much to overpowered to be a direct fire weapon. If you trust the person using could be put to good use in a game.

This was what I came up with as a test unit. is what a little more effort could get you; imagine a battery of these going at a game!
Airsoft howitzer big bore breach load
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