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Originally Posted by HackD View Post
Yes, in all likelyhood it's replaceable/removeable/changeable. The doohicky on top that extends rear-ward is to keep the RIS reinforced and aligned with the receiver. It does copy some real-world setups.
Originally Posted by Maethori View Post
FYI the term "barrel shroud" is a firearm term and not just a paintball term. Also, it includes more than just rail systems or handguards.

Anyways...there are different brands and styles that connect in different ways. Many connect with the delta ring (the ribbed ring at the base of the RIS in the 1st pic) while others connect with their own barrel nut that replaces the delta ring.
M4s can take almost any brand of rail system or long as it doesn't have a barrel nut with opposite threading as the upper receiver...
Alright, thank you very much.
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