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Originally Posted by Scrivah View Post
Its great that you want to buy an expensive gun and if you have all the money to get all the extras too thats fortunate! But would anyone else agree that you dont need to put that much dough into your very first gun until you are more established?

All I am really saying is that in the grand scheme of things the gun is probably the least of the money you will be spending so try not to go overboard on the first one when there are guns that are half the price which shoot just as well.
I would agree with that. When i started in the summer of 2011 - I bought a good 'quality', and for the time, a relatively expensive gun, thinking it was all i needed to play, in terms of the gun itself. It wasn't too long before i was modifying it to fit 'me'. Over a year later, i've spent well over the same value of that gun in add-ons, mods and accessories to get what i really wanted ergonomically - in the end, little remains of that original gun except the upper and lower receiver, and the upper gearbox.. if i'd started out cheaper, i'd likely have done the same mods, but i would be ahead a few hundred dollars. I still use that gun as my primary - simply because it's so personalized to the way i play. I would have likely have done the same mods, and likely be doing the same now, if it was a cheaper one from the start.

That's the beauty of the M4 series. It's one of the more adaptable and modifiable guns to buy, even/especially for the noob. As long as you keep it TM compatible, or of another mainstream design type where parts are commonly available and compatible, you generally can't go wrong.

You don't need the most expensive gun out of the box - save that for your second gun, and when you know what the @#@! you are doing. A $250.00 CYMA AK, M4 or M14 will do fine for the first time around. So will a King Arms full metal. Specialize if/when you decide to stay in the sport, and you can then relegate that cheaper first primary to back-up/loaner gun status.

This leaves you more cash available to spend on the other essentials.
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